Anyone use IvyWise?

<p>I am considering using IvyWise for my son who is thinking about transfering after his freshman year. I am looking for someone who has had a previous experience using IvyWise, either positive or negative. Please don't respond with opions you may have about using a private educational consultant. I am really just looking for personal expriences about this company. Thank you.</p>

<p>haven't heard of it
but here is an article from Forbes
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<p>"You'll pay through the nose for college for your kids. Should you pay to get them in, too?"</p>

<p>Number1 - You might want to contact the owners of this site, College Confidential. They are very compentent and a lot less expensive than Ivy Wise. I've talked with them personally several times on various matters and they are both very knowledgable and helpful people. I know several parents here have used their services.</p>

<p>Since you had specified you were only interested in IvyWise and no other college counselors, I hesitated to respond but given that Carolyn posted what I was thinking, I would also say that you might want to explore the paid college counseling services at College Confidential because afterall, you are using the free part of this site and discussing another similar counseling service. </p>

<p>The counselors at College Confidential are experts in this field and particularly with elite college admissions. We did not use paid counselors ourselves but since you are looking to do that regarding Ivy League level admissions, you should at least compare the expertise and services with College Confidential and IvyWise. I don't know much about IvyWise other than reading their website but it seems a little odd for me to read comments about a competing service right on the free forums of CC, so while I was not going to post, I have to agree with Carolyn that you might at least check it out. If we are going to talk about IvyWise on here, I think it is fair to mention CC (though you only wanted to hear about IvyWise) because this is a post on their forum and CC is a counseling service that also deals with elite admissions and has a transfer package I believe. You might want to read about their services on this site. Both Sally and Dave are experienced in this field and are both published authors on this subject matter.</p>

<p>I mention this because some who read these free forums on CC have mentioned that they are unaware that the owners of the site who provide these free forums and other resources/information on the site, also have a paid college counseling service with an array of options, written up on the website. If we are going to discuss a competing service on this forum, I think it might be appropriate to point out that the folks bringing you the forum provide a similar service to Ivy Wise, even though you did not want responses about any options beyond IvyWise. </p>

<p>There are likely parents posting on here who may have used the paid counseling services of College Confidential who might wish to respond, as I have not. But there are also testimonials on this website you may wish to check out. </p>