Anyone used PR for Math 2C?

<p>Anyone used the PR Cracking the SAT II Math book? Any thoughts?</p>


<p>I used it and I loved it.</p>

<p>No but I took their practice tests and they were pretty good.</p>

<p>I used it and loved it too. It really helped me decide whether to take IC or IIC, since it includes both in the book, and everything worked out great in the end.</p>

<p>i used it. it worked perfectly for me, although the book had a lot of cheap techniques for solving problems.</p>

<p>wat do u mean by cheap???</p>

<p>id say use barrons. its really hard, so it will prepare u to the limit! i got an 800 in october, solely cuz i thought it was gonna be way harder (based on friends' testimonials, and the barrons book). itll prepare u well</p>

<p>I should have bought the PR.</p>

<p>do you guys think the pr math2c practice exams are realistic? Because i just took one and got a 680. Granted thats a horrible score for math2c but half the stuff i never learned yet. After reading over the answers, i feel very confidient that i know how to do it.</p>