Anyone using the common app?

<p>I am. I was wondering if anyone else was.</p>

<p>For ED applications, I don't see the point when you can use the PU app.</p>

<p>The Princeton app allows MUCH more room to get across who you are. I would highly recommend NOT doing common app for ED.</p>

<p>You are missing out on the "Favorites" answers, the summer essay, the two 250 word essays, etc.</p>

<p>I'm applying RD and using the Common App. I don't have enough energy to fill out another entire application. I barely have enough energy left to do Princeton's supplement.</p>

<p>Don't do it! haha, the Princeton app is surprisingly fun to fill out.</p>

<p>i am. i do not have the time to fill out 10 different apps. nor do my teachers have the time to fill out 10 different types of rec forms.</p>

<p>Another very good point iplayoboe. I'd feel terrible handing my teachers and counselor another set of forms to fill out.</p>

<p>The Princeton app is fun, ilcapo. And that's a paradox. What? Heheh</p>

<p>You don't miss out on anything with the Common App. The supplement covers it all and makes the two pretty much identical.</p>

<p>Yes exactly what zantedeschia said. If you use the Common App it is the exact same thing. The required Princeton Supplement covers everything that the Common App lacks. The Common App is just uglier than the Princeton App :-D Use what you want</p>

<p>lol exactly! it is uglier. ohh princeton you're so pretty...</p>

<p>i'm using the common application too but the supplement looks almost exactly like the application... just a decrease in # of Princeton essays you have to write (covered by common app) and general info.</p>

<p>I'm using the common app online as well, after fruitlessly creating and editing fields in the paper supplement, which doesn't have a nice version with the fields already there. </p>

<p>I did notice one little thing that bugs me though. The common app asks for a 150 word response on the topic "please describe which of these activities (extracurricular and personal activities or work experience) has had the most meaning for you and why"</p>

<p>Which is eerily similar to one of the princeton supplement prompts, which in 250 words asks "What talent, accomplishment, or pursuit has given you the greatest joy or satisfaction?"</p>

<p>I guess I could be lame and write on the same topic, but more realistically it means I get to talk more about myself. 3 short essays! Yay!</p>