Anyone visited?

<p>I haven't visited Bryn Mawr but am positive I am applying there. Can anyone give me a campus description? Also, how's the social life? Thanks much</p>

<p>It has beautiful old stone buildings (it almost resembles a castle) and has Bryn Mawr flags everywhere. It has cloisters, with a fountain and grassy area completely surrounded by a building. It has an amazing library (actually two or three), there are trees everywhere, and the campus is very small. The dorms are pretty cool, as they have pianos and wooden banisters...some even have fireplaces and window seats. Hope my description gives you an idea of what it is like, you really should visit- it's beautiful. I'm applying early decision and am soooo nervous! Are you applying early or regular?</p>

<p>Oh, I don't know much about the social life. I've heard not many girls are into drinking or partying, but that it's fairly easy to get to Haverford, where parties are much more prevalent, if that is what you're looking for.</p>

<p>I'm applying Regular...I'm not financially secure enough for ED :)...thanks for the descriptions. I'm trying to convince my parents to fly out there in the coming months, I'd imagine it'd look gorgeous in winter. Good luck w/ ED!</p>

<p>My daughter visited, and the description of the campus above sounds a lot like her description. She stayed in an odd dorm with a strange atrium--lots of concrete and high slotted windows. She said there was one dorm that everyone tries to avoid, but the others were very nice. She loved the lecture by an older Greek professor named Hamilton. Someone asked him if he is related to Edith Hamilton, and he said he was not, but that Edith Hamilton attended Bryn Mawr and then proceeded to go into the differences between the Greek and Roman myths. She was a little surprised at the strong lesbian population on campus. She said that the women there are strong, but not in a "bitchy" way. She saw several instances where women defended themselves or others in a perfectly assertive way that tickled her. She liked one Spanish class she attended; she thought the psychology class was pretty dry. She liked the fact that you can take the train into Philly. While she was there the students in her group visited South Street and hit the vintage shops and had a dinner at a Columbian restaurant. She came home sold on Philadelphia.</p>

<p>My D is a Frosh at Bryn Mawr and loves it! It is really a beautiful school, rich in traditions and strong on community commitment. The Architecture is quite gothic, and bares a striking resemblance to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. It's also pretty academically intense---not a "party school" by any means. And that seems to suit most of the students just fine. When they want to party, they either go to Haverford (which is just a mile away), or Swarthmore, or U Penn on the weekends. Then they come back home to peace and relative quiet. Bryn Mawr also has a well deserved reputation for having one of the best dining services available on a college campus. D is often surprised by how good the food is.</p>

<p>Btw, according to D, the incoming frosh were told during Customs week that the lesbian/transgender segment of Bryn Mawr's population is around 10-13%.</p>

<p>i'm applying ED too and reading all these descriptions is getting me so excited (and nervous!) as i was doing my app i kept remembering things i forgot about and now i just want to know if i'm going there. good luck!</p>

<p>the campus really is beautiful. i visited twice. The first time was in april and the weather was perfect. it was around 70 degrees, sunny, blue sky, and there were all these flowering trees and flowers floating to the ground. Everything really does look like a castle. Also, the town of bryn mawr is pretty nice too,well-to-do and interesting restaurants a movie theater etc.</p>

<p>We were there in April, too. Campus is certainly pleasant and transportation options couldn't be better. Seems to be a comfortable environment if Hogwarts style appeals to you. Advantage that dorms have many more singles than most other LACs.</p>

<p>We were told a number of times that after the frosh year, virtually everyone who desires a single can get one at Bryn Mawr. My D is a Frosh,living in a three room quad. She has the central room all to herself, though her door is the one used to access the entire quad. She doesn't mind, though. She lives on Pembroke East, 2nd floor---Katherine Hepburn lived on the same floor for a time when she was a Bryn Mawter.</p>