Anyone waiting for Andover's decisions??

All the best everyone. Stressful, long, night, indeed.

Good luck guys! Sweet dreams.

GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! still staying up because i’m so nervous

hi!! i’m applying for 10th too, hope m10 treats us well :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!

good luck everyone!!

Thank you!!

so less than two hours.

PA is up via gateway. Waitlisted and shocked. Thought it would be a rejection as PA was beyond reach!


Rejected too

that school is so classy :confused:

I got rejected too

wait, you all get the decision?

Why i didn’t find anything

Click the gateway link through the email they sent.


I got waitlisted last year. . . rejected this year. Well, I can’t even say I’m improving . . .

waitlisted :frowning:

i got waitlisted too…

I worked so hard for PA’s application… feeling very depressed now