Anyone waiting for Andover's decisions??

i’m applying for 10th grade this year and i am extremely nervous…hope someone can wait for the decisions with me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


which grade did you apply??


GOOD LUCK!! I decide to stay up tonight because there’s no chance for me to fall asleep.

My daughter is also anxiously awaiting. But Deerfield is her first choice.

Me! But don’t PA’s decisions come out tomorrow at 5pm?

NO,you can check the decision through your gateway to prep school account at 9:00 am EST.

Did Andover ship their decisions with mail yet?!

I’d assume so.

Did y’all get a notification? I didn’t.

Fellow 10th grader here. GOOD LUCK! Anxiously waiting.

Have never been more anxious in my life!!

Only accepted students will get a package tomorrow, i think FedEx will probably deliver the mail at about 9:30? I followed PA’s admissions on Instagram and they said they had sent all acceptance packages out this morning…If you can’t wait, you can check gateway tomorrow morning at 9. I believe they sent every applicant an email about how to check the decisions a few days ago.

cross my fingers for all of us

Good luck everyone.

I have a 5k at the same time as descions tomorrow

Did anyone get a FedEx notification for their PA thing or not?

I tried to sign up the notification service with my FedEx account but failed… Don’t worry, we will know everything tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Going to bed now. I’m going to say my prayers! I should have no problem falling asleep (because it’s so late), and I won’t have to wait too long for the decisions in the morning!
Good luck to all, and I’ll see you tomorrow.