Anyone want to check my Johns Hopkins supplements?

<p>Would anyone be willing to read my supplements?</p>


<p>I would... although I prefer not to read something too lengthy like 500 word essays</p>

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<p>I will post this again:

Every year I post the following message and I think it is appropriate again. I know such posts are common on College Confidential, but I just want to state my opinion regarding asking for assistance with your essays through CC.</p>

<p>I am against it, especially when one posts their entire essay on this site.</p>


<p>(1) You never know who will be looking at your essay and whether they are out for your best interest. Additionally, they may choose to use your essays as their own. </p>

<p>(2) When you sign your application you are stating that everything in your application is complete, factually correct, and honestly presented. It is the final part of this that concerns me when receiving advice on your essays through a web site like CC. The essays are supposed to be your own work. Getting advice from a guidance counselor, teacher, parent, friend, is completely understandable. But receiving advice from anonymous people on a college message board seems dishonest to me. </p>

<p>(3) One word - plagiarism. </p>

<p>My advice ... ask a parent ... ask a relative ... ask a sibling ... ask a friend. They will have your best interest when helping you out.