Anyone want to switch colleges with me?

<p>I am currently in Revelle college at UCSD and was wondering if any newly admitted student wanted to switch with me? If so, just PM me with what college you're in!</p>

<p>Apparently Revelle is great for Pre-Meds/Bio Chem majors but I am not going to be majoring in the sciences.</p>

<p>lolz :)</p>

<p>Good Luck in Revelle! Hope you enjoy the college.</p>

<p>You may dislike Revelle now, but wait for oh say 2 quarters. You will LOVE Revelle, SUPPORT Revelle, and probably say Revelle is the BEST… Same happened to me, except I am in ERC, so it’s authoritative info ;)</p>

<p>I’ll switch colleges with you dude. Im in Muir and want to go to Revelle. Let me know!</p>

<p>spatel23, I have no doubt that I will be fine with the college itself. However, I do not believe my GPA will be fine with it. These general education requirements are not only difficult (humanities and foreign language??) but they reduce my flexibility.</p>

<p>Is this really possible? i am in the same situation as you iiBoGo and would love to switch from Revelle to a different college because those GE requirements scare me…</p>

<p>Sorry to ruin this for everyone, but maybe you should look at this (<a href=“[/url]”></a>) and note that the EARLIEST a freshman can switch is the third quarter of enrollment at your assigned college.</p>

<p>And this, from the university website:
"Q: Can I switch to a different college?</p>

<p>In practice, the overwhelming majority of students are happy with their college assignment, even if it was not their first choice originally, and few students apply to switch. Petitions to transfer between colleges are difficult to justify and approved only in exceptional cases. To qualify, you must complete your originally assigned college’s writing program, demonstrate that switching to a different college will substantially shorten your time to degree, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 with a specified number of completed units."</p>

<p>(and I loved Revelle, especially after I got rid of Hum 4-5 with a month of JC summer school)</p>

<p>college switching not possible until you have completed your colleges writing sequence. the earliest is 3 quarters in [the colleges with a 3 quarter series] and even then, you have to demonstrate the switch will help you graduate “significantly” faster</p>

<p>i believe revelle has a 5 quarter hum series [correct me on this]</p>

<p>sorry guys :[</p>



<p>I’m still at a loss to where people come up with this. I don’t see how Revelle would be any “better” than any of the other colleges. The GEs seem to come out about the same.</p>

<p>I even once heard a 6th year here say “The SAT scores of Revelle students are on par with like Ivy League schools”… that one was a head scratcher for sure.</p>

<p>just for curiosity (not judging) - why would anyone switch colleges? it seems like a lot of hard work: 1. finishing up your writing seq. 2. creating a plan that shows you will graduate SIGNIFICANTLY quicker.
i don’t know the details, but it does seem like a lot of work (and I think i am basing this on the assumption that usually the writing seq. are maybe the hardest or most unfavorable GEs in colleges?)</p>



<p>Uh, college itself is a lot of hard work. And it shouldn’t take anyone more than 2 hours to figure out which college works best for them. </p>

<p>For example, I was a Revelle biochem/chem major coming in with mostly math/science transfer credit, and 3/4 of the language requirement. I was willing to do summer school at CC (cheaper) to free up some time for chem electives in my jr/sr years. Revelle worked great for me. Being in ERC would’ve meant an extra three quarters of writing, and I didn’t want that.</p>

<p>If any freshmen are wondering how this 2-hour process works:</p>

<li>Go to each college’s website and print out their GE requirements</li>
<li>Figure out which classes will fulfill the requirements (being careful to watch for stuff like “must not be contiguous to major”)</li>
<li>Look at the sheet that correlates AP credit with course equivalents, figure out what you have credit for</li>
<li>Use to see if you can take a summer school CC class in place of some GEs (I wouldn’t recommend using CCs to fulfill LD requirements for your major, though. It’s safer for fields that you won’t pursue further)</li>
<li>Do the math</li>

<p>I would switch with you dude. I am a transfer student who just recently got admitted to Revelle but don’t want to do the extra coursework.</p>