anyone wants to buy a Penn State THON tshirt for only 7 dollars?

<p>THON is one of the largest student-run fundraising organization in the world.
Check out the page Welcome</a>! | - Conquering Childhood Cancer
The tshirts online are pretty expensive (like 15-20 dollars). However, Im a THON member and I have some cheaper tshirts to sell.
The shirt is grey and has a Penn State Nittany Lion Paw on the front.
I think i can upload the photo in two days.
Im currently in a commonwealth campus of Penn State, so I'll have to mail it to you.
I only sell the shirts for 7 dollars, so it wont exceed 10 dollars if we plus the postage money.
I need to sell these shirts so that I can go up to University Park for THON Dance Marathon next weekend.
If anyone wants to help me or want the THON tshirt, please send me a message or follow the thread.
(The price can be adjusted after discussion.)</p>