anyone willing to help compile a quick list ASAP for a friend of mine?

<p>Hi everyone, my friend is a little behind on her college process and needs to get all her recs and stuff out this week to her teachers before break and I feel like she's applying to places for the sake of applying and she has nowhere to start. but anywho, I am asking for anyone's help who could help compile a list for her (reach/match/safety)</p>

<p>Here are her stats.
-approx 6/337 rank (i know shes in the top 10)
-4.2W GPA
-low SAT's, approx 1700 new SAT, I don't know the composites, but assume mid to high 500's for M and V
-some minor EC's
-has ELC status for UC</p>

<p>Here's what she wants in a college:
-Urban, preferably New York, but as long as its a big city for internship opportunities, then its fine.
-she wants to keep her options open, so size doesnt matter, but as of now, she prefers medium to large
-good social atmosphere
-She wants to major in business administration. I know she wants to work in fashion in the future (i.e. fashion management?) </p>

<p>Anywho, any help is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Match (Reach?): NYU
Safety: SDSU </p>

<p>Those were the two that came to mind.</p>

<p>NYU is her dream school, unfortunately, she didn't apply ED, but that one is definitely on her list. She is also looking at Syracuse. Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>(btw: it's too late for SDSU :(, but thanks anyway!)</p>

<p>Maybe George Washington University? I don't know whether it has "good social atmosphere," but perhaps would be a suitable match in other ways.</p>

<p>How about BU?</p>

<p>thanks everyone for your suggestions, keep em coming!</p>

<p>btw: would BU and GW be matches?</p>

<p>BU would be a match, more or less, her SATs are kinda low. BU likes you to challenge yourself with the most rigorous curriculum at your school. BU also has EDII this year. If she researches the school and thinks it's a fit, and money is not a problem, EDII would be wise.</p>