Anyone with a constant 700+ CR?

<p>I'm extremely fustrated with trying to get my CR score up. My main problem is inconsistency.</p>

<p>On some practice tests, I'd get 0-1 reading questions wrong on a particular section...then in another section, I'd get 4-5 wrong. I've realized that it all depends on how interesting the passages are...not the difficulty of the questions.</p>

<p>I have a particular weakness with the so called "fiction" passage, which I can't stand reading. The answers don't become as clear to me.</p>

<p>My sentence completion scores are also very inconsistant. My average seems to be -3, though. The one time I managed to pull off -5 reading questions total, I missed 5 sentence completions...dragging my score far from 700. </p>

<p>On another test, I missed 4 reading questions total...with -7 sentence completions. When I managed to miss only 1 sentence completion, a fiction passage turned up as a long passage and I got -5 on that section alone, dragging my score again from the 700 range.</p>

<p>My goal is just to get 700 CR...not really asking for more. If I'm not mistaken, -6 should get you there every time-it's a respectable raw score of 60.</p>

<p>I'm going to try to miss 1-2 sentence completions and 4-5 reading to get that -6 total...which I can do, but only with amazing luck. Does anyone have any tips to fix my inconsistencies, which would reduce the influence of luck on my scores? (I currently hover around 650)</p>

<p>Very long post, thank you for reading in advance.</p>

<p>For sentence completions, you should try the positive/negative method suggested by many prep books, such as McGraw and RocketReview. Try to identify words that you don't know as positive or negative, and identify the blanks in the sentence as positive or negative. This really helps with sentence completions, even though you may not know what the word means by itself.</p>

<p>For reading questions, try reading a short segment of the text, answering the questions pertaining to that part, then reading another segment of the on. Don't read through the whole thing and then start answering the question set. I think your problem now lies in a lack of focus after you finish reading the passage -- you seem to tend to forget what you just read. By using my method, you should be able to score higher (I recommended this to two students who were struggling with CR -- 630 and 610 respectively -- and they improved to 750 and 730 on the next administration). Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you for the very thoughtful post.</p>

<p>I actually got that advice from someone, but I was hesitant to try. It seemed too weird, I'm used to reading the passage as a whole and answering the questions-but that is probably my downfall. I'll give a shot for sure on my next practice test on 2 of the 3 reading sections.</p>

<p>I have given up on sentence completion. Right now I am studying barrons 500 + hot word lists and stuff.</p>