Anyone with Writing Test recieved score?

<p>I'm really anxious for my scores, especially when I hear so many others saying their scores are already posted on CB. Mine are not, but I took three subject tests including the Writing Test. Did anyone who took the Writing Test receive scores yet?</p>

<p>I took writing + 2 others. Nothing yet :(</p>

<p>It seems that the scores WERE up, but for only a very brief time... I was lucky to check it at that time, a few minutes later, it had disappeared!</p>

<p>Wdo you guys think they will have them up again? I'm so impatient...</p>

<p>I received my writing, but the scores online have indeed been taken down. Strange.</p>

<p>i hope CB has made the mistake and post the wrong scores</p>

<p>sigh...its terrible</p>

<p>I'm sorry to say but the scores they posted are indeed accurate. They did the same thing last time where they put them up for a little while early in the morning and they take them down. They'll be back up around 4-5 EST today.</p>

<p>i was lucky enough to check during that time... all the best guys</p>

<p>So Astrix how did you do??</p>

<p>i just got mine
omg im thrilled
i thought i did terribly!!!</p>

<p>I just got my scores... 780 writing! I was expecting like 690 to happy :)</p>

<p>great job, newt!</p>

<p>Thanks Kebree! :D</p>


<p>20 pts higher than predicted :)</p>

<p>I Want My Scores!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>whoa looks like a positive trend for those who recieved thier scores already..</p>

<p>just watch tho, im gonna think i did better than i expected cuz every1 else did but then ill just get a crap usual</p>

<p>got mine... 800 :) ... It was my retake. I took it June and got 630 because I forgot to do the last 10 questions...Oh well, 800'd it now. I hear there's quite a problem to get on collegeboard though...</p>

<p>seems like everyone did a lot better than expected...good for us!</p>

<p>I'm very pleased with my scores. I always wanted an 800 score, never got one. Oh well, I'm not retaking a 780 :p</p>

<p>WTF! I swear I thought I did so much better. Ended up with a ****ing 720. I gotta freakin' retake. I mean I know it's a "good" score, but DAMMIT.</p>