Anyone working this summer?

Rising senior — going to work min wage crew member at McDonald’s, on top of remote research at a medical school, volunteer at a nursing home, college visits, and working on essays/supp’s.

Any of u guys planning to work ? Now, I understand this is college confidential — many of y’all are not in dire need of $$$ and this is not the '70s, but wanted to see who else is up for some money.

My S (a college freshman) waited too late in the spring to seek an internship. Then waited too long after coming home for the summer to try to find any p/t job related to his major. Now he’s planning to join several home-from-college HS classmates who are working at a local car wash. One guy got the job, recruited another, then another and so on. They make $300-$450/wk and the idea of mindless work splashing around in 90-degree sunshine appeals to him.

And oh yeah, he’ll need every dime he makes.

My kid is working - either on a garbage truck or working for a power washing business - his goal is to be outside as much as possible.

My entering college freshman plans to work as many hours as possible. Grandma lives in a vacation area where they desperately need workers, so the pay is decent. He may also try to do a retrospective study based on ED records.

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Rising HS sophomore - I’m working with some friends at a local pizza restaurant, and I’m planning on tutoring a lot (elementary to early middle school kids). I also volunteer at a foster care group-home with an organization that I’ll be on the junior board for this summer.


My S is going to work this summer retail, restaurant or hotel. Work experience in a “regular job” is so valuable and it’s great to get off screens, working with a team and the public. He put in a lot of volunteer hours during HS and is looking forward to a paycheck. I believe it will help you to have McDonalds on your college app, along with the other activities you listed. A lot of people my generation (X) worked during HS.


My daughter is applying for retail positions near her college once her quarter ends on Friday. Hopefully next year, when the university opens up, she can apply for on-campus jobs.

Hi, Im a rising Sophomore and would like to know how to get involved with foster care children. Any guidance is appreciated.

I’m a rising junior working at a store full time. Definitely exhausting, but it’s fun working with my friends. I also work on researching topics for my podcast, work on my intiative, and manage a fundraiser.