<p>Hi, are there people having applied to Gustavus this year???
I'm just accepted, but not sure whether I chose here or not.
I'm also accepted by Augustana(SD) with nice scholarship, and also waiting for 4 other notifications from Juniata, Cornell(IA), Beloit and Bates. Some school may too hard for me I guess, but since I'm an intl student, I really had no idea where I'd be accepted :) </p>

<p>Where else did you guys apply to??
Is Gustavus worth to choose to you??
I'd like to meet anyone who applied Gustavus this year and hear their opinion about Gustavus !
Thanks :)</p>

<p>I applied too, but I really don’t know enough about it. What made you interested in Gustavus?</p>

<p>Hi! happy to meet you :)</p>

<p>well, I do not know so much about it in fact.
but I like its small student-faculty ratio, beautiful campus, and high retention rate. and Minnesota is where my friends live in. Also it offers good scholarships!
what about you???</p>

<p>My daughter applied and was accepted, with a nice scholarship.
I encouraged her to check it out a year ago because it a match for her on several counts (programs, size, stats). She didn’t, though, until she got a piece of mail with the motto-- “make your life count.” That’s something that is important to her.
We visited during J-term last year. The visit wasn’t noteworthy one way or the other. Not a lot of student contact because we were there for an open house, and because many students are elsewhere for hte J-term. The staff and faculty we encountered in various panels and at lunch seemed friendly, approachable, and to care about students. The chapel is beautiful.
My daughter also applied to Juniata but won’t be going there-- nice, but doesn’t stand out and hard to get to.
Two other schools remain in the running with Gustavus. She will visit one this weekend. We hope she will be ready to decide after the visit.</p>

<p>I hope to know more about this school also.How much will the total cost of Gustavus in 2011-2012?How about the small town ,st’ peter?Have any one been there?</p>