<p>just applied online yesterday, anyone have ANYTHING to say about sacred heart? the nursing program? admissions? school itself?</p>

<p>I went and visited the wasn't my favorite place. But the admissions guy was really great. If you go have an interview with them they will probably fall in love with you if you have a lot of extracurriculars.</p>

<p>The campus is nice, pretty new. My mom was really impressed with it. They have a football team and are pretty into sports. Thats about all I know. Its not a hard school to get into, from what i hear. I applied in late october, but i will only go there if they give me the most money. But when i visited schools i visited quinnpiac and providence and liked those much better.</p>

<p>Yeah, SHU is not an especially selective school; if you're making the effort to post on CC, you should be in without a problem. I'd suggest browsing their website, checking out guidebooks like The Princeton Review (SHU's not included in Fiske) and maybe even looking at Facebook groups to find out whatever you can. According to The Princeton Review's 2009 guidebook, SHU is private and Roman Catholic and located in a suburban environment. It accepts 62% of its applicants. Its SAT ranges are CR 490-570, M 500-580 and its ACT composite range is 21-25. I hope this helps!</p>

<p>I visited it and decided I somewhat liked it. I liked Providence a lot more though too. SHU reminded me of high school. Anyway, I applied in early November and found out the day after Christmas that I was accepted. I have not heard anything bad about it and everyone who goes there seems to love it. One thing I did really like was how happy everyone on campus seemed and everyone seemed to be friends.</p>

<p>I just got accepted the other day! anyone have anything specific to say about their nursing program?</p>