<p>SAT: 1460. English: 760, Math: 700
SAT II: Chem: 710. US History: 790
Writing, Math 2c, and Physics are pending.</p>

<p>AP scores. English: 3, Chemistry: 4, US History: 5</p>

<p>Class Rank: 101 out of 404.
GPA: 3.33, QPA=4.2</p>

AP Art History.
AP Computer Science
AP English Literature
AP Psychology
AP Calculus
AP Environmental Science (required by NC; )
Latin IV Honors</p>

Academic Team: US History.
Student Council.
Latin Club.
Tried track for 2 weeks, but quit.
Press Editor for Youth and Government.</p>

<p>Misc Award.
"Most Memorable"</p>

Summer of 10th grade, I served as a technical consultant to Special Computer Projects Inc, helping to compose their tech handbook for CLAMP, a data indexer for DB2.</p>

<p>My primary hobbies are programming (10th grade, I programmed a full-blown text-based hack-n-slash for the TI-83 in under 10 kilobytes.), reading history (of anything, ranging from the evolution of modern economics, to the rise of the sexual revolution, to why it was foolish for Paulus to believe that the 6th Army could hold Stalingrad), and teaching myself languages (both linguistic and computer-based. I'll teach myself Java and German, with a side of Russian and C++.)</p>

<p>I am ridiculously introverted, ultra-shy, and didn't get into National Honors Society on account of not having enough "points." The majority are awarded for sports, service hours, etc.</p>

<p>Dream college is MIT (but due to not having all my SAT II scores in, I have to go RD), but my rank is too low, and I don't count on Hispanic ethnicity providing much compensation. Any last-minute advice, tips, etc for a senior interested in majoring in Physics or Political Science?</p>

<p>Bumping again.</p>