AOL Ranks Top Colleges - Project Freshman

<p>Have no idea what their methodology is, but here we is the list from Project</a> Freshman</p>


<p>Interesting. Embry Riddle #11 and Caltech ranked a second time at #12! hehe!</p>

<p>well not hard- they basically used USNWR, and took the best 6 Universities and 4 colleges baring Williams College</p>

<p>AOL? They're still around?!</p>

<p>"AOL? They're still around?!"</p>

<p>Yeah, didn't you hear? They have changed their line of business to college rankings.</p>

<p>Embry Riddle = ?</p>

<p>Seems like a blog post, not a ranking.</p>

<p>More ranking will sure bring out the ranking obsessed bees today!</p>

<p>We approve of these "rankings," and the conspicuous absence of Williams amuses us.</p>

<p>What makes them so credible again?</p>

<p>Duke? Williams? Penn? Columbia? Chicago? This can't be accurate...</p>

<p>The format of the page itself is enough to discredit it. And the fact that AOL is attached to it.</p>

<p>In other news, was anyone else surprised that AOL still exists? I hadn't heard of it for at least a few years...</p>

<p>AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is their only worthwhile feature....</p>

<p>^ That thing is a joke compared to Yahoo IM.</p>