AP(Advanced placement) Help

<p>I'm going into my junior year and there were only 2 AP's offered sophomore year: Euro and World History, I stuck with honors.
This year is my Junior Year and American was offered, English, Physics, and Spanish.
I take Italian so there is no AP but I am taking Italian 4. Also I am taking AP Physics.
Senior Year I would like to take AP Calculus BC and AP Chemistry. Will the colleges acknowledge the fact that I am taking 2 APs senior year? I want to concentrate mainly on the SAT for Junior Year and Senior Year take an AP schedule so that I can graduate with a minimum of 3 APs. How does this appear to colleges? Will they see my AP grades senior year when evaluating me for admission? Are 3 APs enough? Btw I take all honors and college level classes besides AP.
Colleges I am interested in include: Villanova, Siena, William and Mary, U Maryland College Park, and Fordham to name a few
Thank you</p>

<p>They may see your senior AP grades, but not your AP score when you apply. 3 APs should definitely be enough for the colleges you're interested it as long as you do well in them.</p>

<p>For the schools you are interested in you should be fine, good to focus on your SAT since that will hold more weight than how many APs you took.</p>

<p>thank you guys. big help. sounds good to me. I see some kids taking 5+ APs and I was wondering if i would be viewed by admissions as not challenging myself. My Cumulative weighted average falls between 101.5 to 102.5</p>