AP Art History 2018

Hey guys! Just wondering how you did for this year’s AP art history exam. It’s my first time using cc so I don’t know if this is how I start a discussion but oh well–

  1. If you mind sharing, what was your score? And how well did your expectations match up with your actual score? Do you think this year’s exam was easier/harder? Which parts did you guys have most difficulty with?

  2. How did you study for it? (self study/taking AP class at school/taking online class/enrol in some online class). And do you have experience with other history (euro, APUSH, world)/ art (2D/3D/drawing) exams that you took in the past or will take in the future?

I’m a grade 10 student in Canada going into grade 11 in the fall. For me, I self-studied and I surprisingly got a 5…it was my first AP exam ever. Our school (regular Canadian high school) didn’t have AP courses so I just decided to study with an intro art history textbook and Khan academy. It was fun and I learned a lot. :stuck_out_tongue: