AP Art History

<p>So, for some reason my English teacher is giving us extra credit if we plan out our schedule for the next 3 years (I'm a freshman) and try and stick to it, and I wanted an opinion about AP Art History. Next year will be the first year they offer it at my school, but I want to take it my junior year. This year I'm in the only AP I'm allowed to take, AP Human Geography, and have had A's all year and get about 85% on all my practice exams. But even with that, I know that Geog is supposed to be an easy AP and I wanted to find out how AP Art History would fit into my junior courseload if I wanted to get straight A's. My schedule for junior year looks like this:</p>

<p>AP English Language
AP Calculus AB
AP Physics B
AP United States History
AP Macroeconomics
Debate Honors
AP Art History</p>

<p>Since no one at my school has had this class yet, I wanted to know how difficult some people thought it was... and if I shouldn't take it, what should I take instead? (I'll have taken AP Geog, AP Euro, and AP Comp Gov by then). Thanks!</p>