AP bio along with AP calc AB?

<p>I'm a junior, and we're choosing senior classes soon. Would I be overloading myself next year if I took AP bio, AP calc AB, AP lit, and AP gov? </p>

<p>I got an A- in honors biology freshman year and a B- in honors precalc sophomore year. I was supposed to take AP calc BC as a junior but I took AP statistics instead due to other APs (I didn't want to take more than I could handle). Will I be okay in calc AB after a year of only statistics?</p>

<p>I'm a junior right now.</p>

<p>I took Honors Pre Calc sophomore year and got a C+, taking AP Calc AB and getting a B
I took Honors Biology Sophomore year and got an A, taking AP bio getting a B+</p>

<p>AP Bio is basically just reading and understanding. At my school it isn't a lot of work, but it could be different in yours. The tests may be extremely hard though so you gotta study for a bit. I'm sure Statistics has nothing to do with Calc so there is no correlation there.</p>

<p>I took both last year (I'm a senior now). AP Biology, as 609 commented, (I'm 973, by the way) is really based on listening, reading and memorization. If you take good notes and do the readings, there's no reason that class should be difficult. Calculus is not as related to precalculus as precalculus is to lower levels of math, so your grade isn't that class isn't a tremendous indicator of your performance. It's not a killer workload, though. AP Literature is probably going to be your hardest one there, I'm in it now and it's a good deal of work.</p>

<p>973 Represent!</p>