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Just to clarify, the questions that I’m referring to start on page 219 of the (publicly available) AP Bio CED.

For question 1 (about the mosquitoes) I had a question about part d). The mini-rubric says to accept “The mosquitoes will all die” or “The mosquitoes will be 100% susceptible” or something along those lines, I suppose. However, I think that this doesn’t make sense, because wouldn’t we instead say that the mosquitoes are JUST as susceptible AS the mosquitoes without these new mutations? Saying that they will all die doesn’t make much sense, because even in the graphs they gave, at least a bit of the susceptible populations survived the pesticides.

For question 2 about the pedigree, why does the explanation for d) neglect to discuss X-linked recessive and X-linked dominant? Is this not necessary? I did a sort of casework examining X-linked dominant, X-linked recessive, and Y-linked. If its not necessary, well, why??


The mosquitoes would be 100% susceptible because they don’t have any defense. They have amino acid substitutions that would help with pyrethroid based insecticides but they have no true defense against other chemical based insecticides. The graphs showed mosquito death rates based on two different pyrethroid insecticides, deltamethrin and permethrin, and the scientists exposed the mosquito strains to nonpyrethroid insecticides. Hope this helps.

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