AP Bio or AP Chem

Hey guys!!

So I am currently a rising sophomore. As I am choosing my course pathways, I would like to have some advice. I wish to major in the Neuroscience field. Therefore, should I take the AP Bio pathway or the AP chem pathway? I took Honors Bio this year. Thanks!!

If you are limited to only one AP science, take the one that has the best teacher. If the teachers are equally good, I would suggest that you take AP Bio, since it’s a bit more related to Neuroscience. But mostly, choose your classes based upon who the best teachers are.


If you can take both, would you suggest it?

Definitely. But only if the teacher is good. My kid did not take AP Chem at his school, because the teacher wasn’t good. But try to take them not in the same year. AP Bio is a lot of memorization, and AP Chem requires a lot of practice time, too. If you can, take AP Bio this year, AP Chem next year, and AP Physics C in 12th grade.

Thank you! So how many AP’s do you think a HS student should take every year? I want to go to a top school like Duke if I can get in.

It depends upon what you can handle. If you’re way ahead of the curve, have been bored stiff by the low level of classes up until now, and have excellent study and organizational skills, then as many as the school will allow, maybe even five. Most 10th graders don’t do that. If you are a normal bright student, take one or two next year, then AP Lang plus one or two in 11th, and 4 or 5 in senior year. Focus on getting into the AP classes that have good teachers, because that is the most important thing.

Thank you for the advice! I currently think I am doing decently in school (UW: 3.93 W: 4.6) but according to my parents, my organization methods are questionable. As for boredom, I have gotten into the habit of web surfing during our online classes. Still manage high-As though.

A student should take a rigorous courseload that challenges them but at which they can succeed.

This will vary by student.

I would not recommend taking two AP sciences in the same year. It is a lot with the associated labs.

I assume you mean sequentially. Taking both at the same time would not be a good idea.

I suggest completing a year of Physics before taking a second AP. IMHO, taking all three major sciences and then one AP is preferable to two of the three and two APs.

(If your scheduling/sequencing allows, all three plus two APs is great, but that’s often not possible).

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Yeah, so I decided i am gonna take AP Chem in Junior year and AP Bio in Senior. Physics should also be taken in Senior. I do not think im going to take AP Env Science… Im taking calc in Sophomore so AP Calc should be taken in Junior. Meanwhile, in Sophomore year, I should be taking AP WH and AP Psych. Not the hardest AP’s but… anything helps. Thanks!!