AP Bio or AP Gov for senior year?

<p>I can only choose one of them. Both interest me equally, though i do have an inclination to choose AP Gov only because i know very little about our government and how it functions. But, i also know very little about life's functions so I'm caught in quite a dilemma. Neither will satisfy any requirements for college because my intended major will not require biology nor government.</p>

<p>Based on your experience(s) which would you choose and why? Is one more interesting than the other? If i were to choose AP Bio over AP Gov would colleges favor that decision significantly (because obviously the former is harder)?</p>

<p>Bio is definitely harder and usually taken over the course of a year. US Gov can easily be learned in 3 months. Both deal with types of structures, but Biology is much more complex as far as what you need to know. One AP class isn't going to make much of a difference, so if I were you I would go with US Gov because it will mean a lot less work for you.</p>