AP Bio Project help...Predators & Parasites

<p>I need help today!!</p>

<p>Our class drew pictures of predators, we have to make prey for someone else's.</p>

<p>I ended up with a picture of a lice that dwells in politicians' hair. The instructions are to create prey for the predator with 4 adaptations and that coloration that starts with an A that means it is toxic or something.... I have no idea what to do, how does "prey" even apply to this and HOW would I make adaptations to the human?!??!? HELP!</p>



<p>Well I guess I could be considered the Biomaster around here so here it is:</p>

<h1>1. you picked a bad predator, i dont think your teacher wanted a parastie or even had lice in mind.</h1>

<h1>2. you imply that humans are the "prey" for the lice. really i would say this is just parasitism, humans are not killed by the lice. now i guess you COULD say oh yeah the humans could adapt by secreting a toxic scalp oil to kill lice or other bugs that try to feed on it, but really thats going a little unrealistic. if youre stuck, then just make up some adaptations your humans that are preyed on by lice could have.</h1>