AP Bio vs AP Environmental Science for Junior Year

I was hoping for some help on which AP science class I should take my junior year. AP Environmental Science will be a lot easier but AP Bio can give you more credits in college. I would love to take both. Any help? Also know I plan on going into law, but want to get electives/general requirements out of the way and have as much AP credit as possible! Thanks!

I’m taking both at the same time and it’s never been an issue. APES is very easy. A lot of looking at graphs, diagrams, etc. The hardest part is pollutants.

Thanks, I’m just worried about my time management with APUSH, AP English Lang, and AP Bio or APES. I think I am leaning towards APES next year and AP Bio my senior year, but I don’t know if I will be motivated enough for AP Bio my senior year, especially when I don’t plan on going into the medical field. @blackkitteycat

I would ask around at your school and see how AP Bio is. At my school it’s very easy. Lang wasn’t bad either, most of the hard work(the essays) were done in class, the only outside of class work being reading. APUSH was a lot of textbook reading and studying, but not much assignments. Last year I did APUSH, AP European history, and AP Lang and was completely fine

@blackkitteycat Next year I will be taking AP Lang, APUSH, AP Psychology and APES. Hopefully this won’t be too hard!

APES is honestly a joke. If it interests you, then go for it. Also, if your schedule is pretty rigorous you don’t want to overload yourself. For example, taking a schedule like AP English Language, AP Calc AB, AP US History, and AP Bio isn’t the smartest. But if you’re taking something like Bio, Stats, and English Language – then I’d say go for it. If your schedule is already pretty rigorous (2 of any of the following: Calc AB, APUSH, either of the AP Englishes, AP Physics) then take APES. However, if your schedule doesn’t have 2 of those I’d go for Ap Biology.

Hope that wasn’t too complicated and that it helped!

I’d recommend APES this year and another AP Science senior year (can be whichever one you haven’t taken yet.)
Caution: make sure you’ve got one unit each of biology, chemistry, and physics, at any level.