AP Bio vs APES vs IB Bio

<p>So I have taken all of the sciences at my high school except for those three. My current schedule prevents me from taking AP Bio unless I drop AP Lit and substitute in a city college English course, so I will probably not be taking that class.</p>

<p>Is IB Bio considered a heavy hitter? Such as AP Physics, AP Chem, Calculus? I'm aware that APES is "looked down upon," but how does it compare to IB or AP Bio?</p>

<p>Lastly, how do IB Bio and AP Bio compare?</p>

<p>IB HL bio=AP bio, IB Sl bio is much more restricted. All classes are fairly easy, if you put in the study time, you'll get a 5/7. If you're already taken AP lang then AP lit is irrelevant. Generally, AP Bio is more strongly considered the IB bio although IB is listed as lab course so there is that bit of advantage (regardless of whether you do labs in AP or not, they tend not to be listed as such)</p>