AP Biology 2008 (Princeton Review) vs AP Biology 5 steps to a 5(McGrawHill)

<p>Well I am a Canadian student where the AP program doesnt seem to be as big. Well I couldnt find Cliffs, but I bought the AP Biology for Princetonreview, and the AP Biology 5 steps to a 5 by McGrawHill. Well I only have time to really study one book, so which book do people consider a better test prep book. Even if you dont know or do know which one is better, perhaps you could post the pros and cons of one or both books. Thanks.</p>

<p>All CC can tell you is
Amazon.com:</a> CliffsAP Biology (Cliffs Ap Biology): Phillip E., Ph.D. Pack: Books</p>

<p>I loved 5 steps to a 5. I think it attributed to my 5 on the ap bio greatly (in addition to an awesome teacher)...when I took the exam, I recall leaving 20ish MC blank and still getting a good score.</p>

<p>Ok I said consider both Princeton Review and McGrawHill's AP Biology books for 2008, but obviously many people probably don't know if these books are good as they came out for this year. So, I would like to know, how people thought of the past AP Biology test prep books for PrinceReview and McGrawHill, in the past recent years.</p>

<p>Can you order over amazon?</p>

<p>I trust McGraw-Hill over Princeton. If you look at Amazon.com reviews, McGraw-Hill gets consistently better reviews than Princeton in most subjects.</p>

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