AP Biology and AP Chemistry the same year?

I am a high school student (junior), and I want to go into the med school. I’m thinking of majoring in Human Biology in college. I have heard that AP Chem and AP Bio are really helpful for college. I have been wanting to take both my senior year along with AP Lang and Precalc. Some people tell me I should take AP Bio and other people suggest that I take AP Chem since apparently you should be well prepared in chem for college and the MCAT. My school has 2 semesters and both AP Chem and Bio are taught different semesters. The question is, should I go on and take both? Would it benefit me and help me prepare for college and med school? OR Would it be too much to handle? OR Should I go with just one?
I would appreciate if someone who has taken these classes or has a suggestion would answer my questions. Thank you.

You’re way too young to be thinking about preparing for the MCAT. You’ll most likely have to take chemistry in college anyway, which’ll prepare you much better for the MCAT than AP Chem.
Even then, if they’re both taught in different semesters, what’s the problem here? You’re not taking them at the same time. Sure, you’ll have to take both AP exams, but as long as you study it shouldn’t be a problem.

AP Bio or Chem as a 1 semester course? Does your school have an unusual scheduling system? Just getting the labs done would be challenging.

@collegemom3717 Many schools on block scheduling have them as one semester each. It’s not uncommon. You have the class every day for a semester in a 90ish minute period.

Thanks for the info, @izrk02! somehow in all the secondary schools the collegekids have been in we have never had that sort of block scheduling.

since you are on the block schedule, taking both is doable, but makes for a tough year. (I’d take Chem first since so much of micro-bio is chem-related.)

That said, what are your other classes & activities? What are your course plans for senior year? Will you have you taken four years each of science, math, English, social science and foreign language?

btw: Precalc and AP Stats is a good math double, so if you want to hold Bio until senior year…

I am considering to take the following for next year (senior year):

  • AP English Language and Comp
  • Precalculus
  • American Gov and Econ
  • AP Biology?
  • AP Chemistry?
  • Digital Arts Web Design
  • OneGoal (class that helps students get to college)

Unfortunately AP Stats isn’t an option in my school so it’s either Precalculus or Prob & Stats (not AP). Semester 1 runs from August to January and 2nd semester runs from Jan-June.