AP Biology Clifs+Barrons or Clifs+5 Steps

<p>What do you guys think is the best duo?</p>

<p>Cliffs alone will suffice, but if you had to take a 2nd one, take 5 steps.</p>

<p>Cliffs + Campbells text book</p>

<p>campbells text book is wayyy overkill. Unless you are preping for the USABO, studying from campbell isn't worth your time. As for 2nd prep book, I second 5 steps over barrons too.</p>

<p>I think that Cliffnotes alone should suffice, but if you want another one, I would suggest getting Barron's. And I agree, don't waste your time with campbell.</p>

<p>Ok, i am going to have to use campbell because Im taking it in school and that's the book we use. So, considering I use campbell, would cliffnotes alone suffice?</p>

<p>Campbell is a textbook. You can use it to do homework/take notes but it's not a "prep book." Cliffnotes alone is enough. Good luck!</p>