AP BIOLOGY exam miracle stories. (self-studiers)

Anybody have some good inspirational stories about how they studied in less than a month…just reading a prep book, and managed to pass the exam? or even got a 5?
I’m registering tomorrow…I’m taking Calc Ab, both Englishes, and AP Us History…but now I need to add two more (it’s a long story- has to do with rankings), so I’m self-studying Human Geo and Bio.
But bio I’m not so sure about…I know it’s a LOT of info…but could I manage?

Anyone have any personal stories about self-studying and passing the exam?

ok so im self-studying for ap bio too but ive been slacking as well (i rlly shuld hav started during the summer ahhh) . im a current junior. last yr i was in the actual class first sem but dropped out cuz i did so bad b/c it was so much work and i had so many honors classes to worry about(and cuz of procrastination on studying). ive read alot from advice from past takers and it’s said to be a quite straightforward ap exam thats just memorization. I hav spring break next week so im definitely going to be utilizing my time wisely (starting this friday) in order to prepare.

i dont hav an inspirational story obvi but i think if you just actually review and read the textbook and use bozeman videos then you should be fine. it can probably be enough to get a 4 or maybe even a 5(my goal)…

last yr i crammed for whap and it didnt end well. i may hav passed (score:3) but i was rlly aiming for a 4 at least. early planning is the key to these ap exams so i guess for anyone who wants to do well theyll hav to devote alot of free time for studying.

p.s. my textbook: campbell biology 9th edition

k baii good luck for the both of us lol