AP Biology or AP Chemistry?

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I need help in deciding on which to take AP Biology or AP Chemistry for next year. I know it is a little early but I like to have everything planned out. So the thing is, last year I had Biology, I am currently taking Chemistry, and I have already planned to take AP Physics my senior year (I am currently a sophomore). My question to everyone is, considering that I am planning on a Biomedical Engineering major, should I take AP Biology or AP Chemistry my junior year? Thanks.</p>

<p>You should definetely take AP Biology considering your major will have alot to do with biology.</p>

<p>Yeah... I was considering that at first but as I was researching engineering colleges, all of them seemed to require an SAT II in a physical science. Now I'm guessing that that requirement was just set for the engineering school as a whole since I do believe other engineering majors are based on chemistry and physics. Thanks esahopeful.</p>

<p>Well if you're going to have to take biology in college anyway, you can just wait until then.
I'm taking AP Biology and it's a very boring course. People in Chem seem happier. Meh</p>

<p>i took both. chemistry is better. biology is easier. chemistry u need a good teacher. biolog y u can suck at life and still do well. take ur pick. i think chemistry is more respected as an AP tho. chemistry labs are fun biology labs are....not. lol biology text book sucks. so does chemistry lol </p>

<p>i would suggest ap chem if u have a good teacher, if not then take bio</p>

<p>yeah shrek, i took both as well, and i did have a good teacher for chem, and it was great, bio in general is more about root memorization than chem is, so as u said shrek, u can suck at life, but if u can remember random ass *<strong><em>, u'll do well in bio. Idk, i dont find the classes that boring, but yeah, bio is def easier, since i havent had like any hw except for like lab reports, and yeah, the bio labs def suck compared to the chem labs. Lets see, which would i rather do, drop *</em></strong> into acid, or watch potatoes absorb water hmmmm</p>

<p>you plan, but plans change. in ivies, about 50% freshman class pick major different from the ones they went in with. pick a class youll do well in. bio requires a lot of memorizing; chem requires a lot of analyzing.</p>

<p>Take both.</p>

<p>I hate AP Chem. Yes, you have to have a good teacher for the class to be even remotely interesting. I wish AP Bio were only one period at my school, because I would have taken it without question.</p>

<p>he/she probably only has room for one class, I would say bio because off your interests, but choose what you would like best</p>

<p>btw i take bio, I love the labs and the class</p>

<p>Yeah, I only have room for one of these classes (freshmen: biology, sophomore: chemistry, and senior: AP Physics). Seeing that many of you say a good AP Chemistry teacher is necessary, I would probably be taking AP Biology. Our AP Chem teacher isn't the best there is--at least that's what everyone here says. I liked biology last year, and since I haven't completed chemistry this year, I can't really judge which one I like best. I guess I will ultimately decide when the time comes. Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>My AP Bio teacher is pretty humorous. Plus, she went to do field research in African countries and etc; there are alot of stories. So even though the lectures are boring sometimes, I still like the class.</p>

<p>It's true that AP Chem can be kind of hard, but it might be a good idea to take it in high school so that you won't be behind in college. I personally really like Biology because it's what I want to study in college too, so it's really easy for me. Depending on what colleges you're applying to, they might want to see you take both of them, but I guess you said you can't do that. Make sure you really want to take AP Physics, I'm in it now, and I hate it so much. I really regret taking it, so just think about that. Both classes would be good to take, so it's really your call.</p>

<p>I'm taking both AP Chem and AP Bio right now. I like bio more than chem. The textbook usually used for bio is good (Campbell's) and the labs in bio are a lot more complicated and interesting than the ones in chem. If you're going into BME, a good knowledge of bio (and physics) is essential.</p>

<p>ap Bio is semi-interesting. Chem is not at all. i'd say take bio.</p>

<p>wtf, chemistry ap is a lot better than bio ap. bio is boring as hell. since you're going into biomed, bio ap makes more sense, but chem is still better.</p>

<p>Chem >> Bio. Bio is all memorization, really boring stuff. Chem actually requires some logical thinking.</p>

<p>I would definitely take AP Chem. Maybe you can take both? AP Physics, I've heard, is fairly easy with a strong physics background. Try to double up with AP Physics and AP Bio your senior year. I would highly recommend AP Chem junior year, right after you took chemistry. Bio is a lot of memorization, but it would be nice to have a background when you take Bio on college.</p>

<p>Oh wow... I've never thought of doubling up. Hmm... I'll have to ask my counselor if that's possible. Now I just have to find a way to manage the full AP schedule of senior year. Haha, well thanks.</p>

<p>I doubled up on Chem and Physics B junior year and currently am taking Bio and Physics C. It's really not so bad, you just need a strong math/logic background.</p>