AP Biology or AP Physics B?

So… I’m choosing classes for my senior year and I am experiencing some trouble figuring out which science class to choose.

AP Biology- I have taken Honors Biology sophomore year and the work was quite easy but I had gotten a C in that class because of my absences and work turned in past the deadline (sophomore year was a mental health mess…) so I thought if I get an A in AP Biology I could redeem myself and colleges would see that I actually am good with the material. I also am taking it online and I feel it would be a lot easier in comparison to AP Physics B because other students mostly complain about having to memorize a lot but since I’m taking it online memorization wouldn’t really be a problem (I have a really good memory as well). I also genuinely found pleasure learning biology so I know I would really enjoy this class.

AP Physics B- This course was the other option because I hear that it’s very preferable to colleges to take all three sciences: biology, chemistry and physics, and I had taken honors biology and honors chemistry already. Freshman year I took Chem/Phys foundations, which was basically a semester of chem and a semester of physics. Does that count as a physics class? It was a regular class so it wasn’t rigorous, and the physics class was only one semester, so I feel as if it doesn’t count, hence the conflict on if I should take AP Physics B instead to really fulfill the “three sciences” recommendation. I did enjoy physics, though, and I am really good at math, so I do feel I would probably enjoy this class. However, I’m a little afraid it would be strenuous due to it being online, having barely taken any previous physics course before, and because I am taking all APs for the year. (AP Gov/Macro, AP Literature, AP Stats, AP Calc AB)

AP Biology would give me redemption on the course, and give me less stress since I find it easier, while AP Physics B makes my course choices much more rigorous as well as satisfying the preference of taking all three of the sciences.

I could possibly take both sciences, replacing AP Stats, but I’m not sure if I have the time for that since I also have to work on college applications, extracurriculars, possibly moving, etc.

Unless it isn’t that much more difficult if I took both instead of one with AP Stats?

I’m conflicted. Please help?

AP Physics B was dropped years ago. You mean AP Physics 1. But yes, you should have physics before AP Bio.

Physics 1 or Physics C?

Half a year of previous Physics and concurrent Calc AB would make it feasible for a very passionate/talented student to take a Physics C, but your reticence tells me it would be a bad idea.

Physics 1 would be preferable to Bio AP as the half year of Physics may not meet the expectation of a course in all three main sciences.