AP Biology or GRE Biology

To be enrolled in Masters which one will be better in the field of life science (molecular biology, microbiology, immunology …)? (particularly ap biology or gre biology)

GRE biology is meant to confirm that you have mastered High School level biology. AP Biology is meant to confirm that you have mastered introductory university level biology.

By the time you get to applying for a Masters, which one you started with won’t matter at all.

Either I am very confused, or the GRE is a test that you would normally take sometime around about your senior year in university, as you are applying to graduate school.

For example, I took the GRE math exam in my 4th year at a well known university in the US. It covered a lot of material that I had learned as an undergraduate student and a math major. There is no way that I would have wanted to take this exam when I was in high school.

An AP test is typically something that you take while you are a high school student. This is at a very different level.

@Fahim1111 what level of school are you in right now? Are you currently a university student?

*Darn - wrote the wrong thing! Read it wrong and had GED in my head…

GRE is a specialist exam of a subject at college level, but specifically as part of applying to grad school. AP Bio is an exam HS students take to show they have covered intro level Bio. They are not interchangeable- if you are applying for a Masters & there is a Bio GRE requirement, that’s what you have to take.

Basically, AP biology covers college frosh level general biology that a high school student may have learned in an AP course, while GRE biology covers various more advanced level material that a college biology major is expected to have learned. If a master’s or doctoral program requires a subject test on undergraduate level material, it will presumably want the GRE subject test.