****AP BIOLOGY - POST-exam discussion*****

<p>Since we have another massive thread that was discussed leading up to the exam, I figured it'd be best to start another thread for discussion AFTER the exam. </p>

<p>REMEMBER that multiple choice questions may NEVER be explicitly discussed in any way. FRQs cannot be discussed until 48 hours after the last people to test FINISH. To be sure when it's safe to specifically discuss the content of FRQs, just wait until they are posted on the CollegeBoard website: AP:</a> Biology</p>


<p>So what are your guys' thoughts? I felt really confident throughout the whole thing and I'd be surprised if I don't get a 4 or 5. The first FRQ was not difficult, but I wasn't completely prepared. I got the two "things" mixed up in their functions (one raises, one lowers), so IDK how that will pan out. I drew a diagram and such, so I hope that helps. Parts 2 and 3 of that question I totally BSed. :(</p>

<p>Questions 2 and 3 were relatively easy. Question 4 was VERY easy.</p>

<p>I wrote so much for each one, I was trying to score as many points as possible; I didn't stop writing until there were about five minutes left. (Good writing/cramping practice for my AP World exam on Thurs. :p). I crammed in whatever I thought of that was relevant and could possibly relate to the question. I was very surprised to see how many people gave up after just 20 minutes of writing. Some people didn't even attempt all of the FRQs. I don't see how anybody who cares about their score could completely skip one. :o</p>

<p>I am so glad that the FRQs were not anything highly specific or difficult. Again, I'm fairly confident with both my MC and FRQ score. One regret I have is only skipping like 5 or 6 questions. There were several that I guessed on (~10) but that was because I could narrow the choices down to two or three. There were a lot of questions that had me stuck on just two choices.</p>

<p>I think the MC was fair...wasn't easy, but wasn't hard. The experiment questions were a LOT easier than previous released exams. I probably got 70+ if I didn't make any stupid mistakes.</p>

<p>I finished the FRQs in 30 minutes...I'm kind of scared. I think I got around a 5 or 6 for the 1st one, a 7 for the 2nd, a 9 or 10 for the 3rd, and a 7 for the 4th. I did Calculus on the 2nd one which made me excited :D</p>

<p>All in all, probably a solid 4.</p>

<p>That last FRQ destroyed me, I just made up a bunch of BS about it :(</p>

<p>The 3rd FRQ was actually a bit confusing too. The first and second one were cake though. </p>

<p>MC was a joke. left 1 or 2 blank, made 50/50s on 5 or 6.</p>

<p>Yeah, for question one I had no idea the difference between two types of the "chemical". I knew which one was for what. For question 4 i mixed up some of those factors..oh well. Its over. Psychology for me tomorrow...</p>

<p>Artism@ I felt very same as you did.</p>

<p>Although last frq was not hard at all, since I didn't even bothered to look over ecology part, as soon as I read the question I said "oh shxx this is not good"</p>

<p>The first 3 questions were fair enough but yes, indeed the 3rd one was bit confusing. for cross 3, my punnet square totally didn't match with the actual outcomes.</p>

<p>MC was a joke for me too. I left 2 blanks, and 50/50s on like 4~5 questions.</p>

I think I had a different test version than yall so this might not make sense...only Internationals will understand</p>

<p>The multilple choice, I answered 96, but I was only confident on 52...the other 42 are ones I narrowed down to 2 or 3 choices...so I should get 55+ raw on it.</p>

<p>I was pleased at the FRQ...I mean there were so many things I did not know that they could have asked but they chose to pick easy general questions! The only mess up on the free response was the question 1 subdivision 3....calculated wrong, other than that FRQ was easy.</p>

<p>I wrote till the last minute...adding final BS to my essays (even though I knew them, I added them in hope for more points).</p>

<p>Hmmm...I thought MC was a little hard...I answered like 77 and shouldn't have missed more than 20...so I'm hoping for a raw score of 50+ :D
on the essays...I thought number one was insane...I could only answer half of the first one...I just had never gone over that one or number 4 either really
however 2 and 3 were SO EASY. I love genetics so I didn't have a problem with 3 lol
I think I got 10 and 10 on 2 and 3....then like 2 on the first one and maybe half on the 4th
do you think like:
27 pts free resonse
50 MC
is good enough for a 4?!</p>

<p>^ on the first FR, I knew the obvious "chemical" lol but I'm so mad that I couldn't remember the other!!! >:(
oh well hahahaha
I am pretty happy with FR overall lol
almost 3/4 of the points I hope :D
I'm just not sure about MC...fairly confident I got at least 50...I'd be surprised if it were lower than 40 lol</p>

<p>^ DillonJay
If thats a 50 after the negative marking, then it is a clean 4...in fact, it's only 6 points below a 5 on the 2002 AP Bio Scale</p>

<p>You got 85/150 raw score
91/150 raw was 5 in 2002</p>

<p>I thought the MC was fairly easy...I think I'll probably get 75 MC right.</p>

<p>The first FRQ killed me, but the others were all easy. That second one? I've had it twice already this year (unit test and midterm), so lucky!</p>

<p>So, all in all , a low 5.</p>

<p>Oh! ok hahaha GOOD lol I'm glad to hear that hahaha
so would I be safe even if I got a 40 after negative markings? like a low 4? hahaha
I hope so :D
I'm almost positive those were the points I got on FR</p>

<p>haha niceee ^
Yes, the second one was really easy I though lol
I did have to use calculus too! LOL
I was pretty happy :D</p>

<p>I screwed up on the first FRQ...how much will this cost me - I think I near 90% on the mc...probably like 5 wrong</p>

<p>I don't think cross 3 was supposed to match expected. You had to explain why...</p>

<p>did we need to use calculus for #2? O_O i just did it like it was a straight line..</p>

<p>what happends if you wrote the whole thing in pencil?</p>

<p>well I mean it asked for the rate lol so it wasn't really calculus hahahaha just like slope...but it kinda was : P
I didn't do a straight line though</p>

<p>I did more of a "best fit" curve or something like that I guess lol</p>

<p>I don't get how everyone's getting like upwards of 80 MC questions right hahaha
I had trouble with the first quarter of them lol
I don't know why...I just thought they were harder than usual
yes...the experiment questions were quite simple most of them lol but overall I thought MC was kinda tough haha</p>

<p>dude i left like 16 blank and im pretty sure i got ten more wrong so ill make around a 70 and i just need like 20 points on the frq to make a five. now the issue is now is whterh or not they will grade my frq which was written in pencil..</p>