AP Biology

<p>For anyone taking AP biology, what chapter (if using Campbell's 4th) or material are you on right now? I'm worried because year is more than 1/4th over and we're only on Ch. 9/10 (respiration and photosynthesis). Thanks for responses!</p>

<p>Roh kay, i took ap last year and this is how we did it. over summer we did all the ecology by ourselves then when school started we started on ch. 1. remember, photosyn and cell resp are by far the most in depth and chemistry heavy topics along with DNA/RNA/PROTEIN processes and some of the lymphatric and endocrine stuff. the photosyn and cell resp are notorious for taking the longest and realize that you will most like finish quickly with the animal/plant physiology and anatomy and the human body stuff is relatively simple except for development. youre in the right place, keep up the good work. if you find yourself closer to the ap test with a few ch. to go and theyre just ecology just say screw it. go back and review the stuff youve covered, the ap test has a nice enough cuvre and they know its extremely difficult to cover it all.</p>

<p>test on ch 6 - 8 tomorrow, so you're not behind</p>

<p>We have done chapters 22-26. All the molecular and cellular stuff is second semester.</p>

<p>Sides, the test is easy! I only finished half the course and scored a five. As long as you get through that molecular biology stuff.</p>

<p>we did 26-28, but now were back to 9/10</p>

<p>oh i forgot, we've actually done chapters 50-54 as well, did ecology first cause we were going on a field trip</p>

<p>we finished ch 1-8...skipping 9 and 10 for now, and we're up to 11....so i guess i am not behind, and u arent either</p>

<p>i took it last year... but this is how it went at my high school:
1 quarter of school: 2 chapters from Campbell... my H.S. *****ed up and we didnt have a teacher for a month and a half.
2nd quarter of school: we covered probably at about chapter 9.
3rd + 4th quarter of school: crunch time. we cover everything but : Animal functions, Ecology, Animal Behavior, Hormones, Fungi, and a crap load of plants.
Day before AP Test: I bust out the Cliffs notes and spend a hour on it. Didnt know animal functions, ecology, animal behavior or fungi (I memorized hormones!)
AP score - 5
Day before SAT2 : I bust our PR SAT2 prep. I still dont know the above.
SAT 2 score : 790</p>

<p>Lesson: AP Biology is cheesecake.</p>

<p>this is SAT II molecular bio right?</p>

<p>huh. that is where we are too. chapter 10. we are just doing our photosynthesis lab tomorrow. and we have the trimester system, and AP bio is just 1/2 tri, so we will have to self study like 1/3 of the book.....</p>

<p>Chapter 10 too, just started photosynthesis! Campbells</p>

<p>Ok, thanks for the responses. I feel better now about my teacher... :)</p>

<p>For those on chp 10 have u done anything with the ecology unit?
For campbells we have covered 50-55 and 1-5 test for 5 on monday.....
btw the way how labs have u guys done</p>

<p>No not yet. Just finished photosynthesis and respiration. Nothing beyond that yet</p>

<p>i think ap biology teachers plot together. we do a photosynthesis lab tomorrow too.</p>

<p>we spent like 2 days on respiration (chapt9) and a week on chapter2. i love the irony in it, i do.</p>

<p>przfer, done lab 1. got answers to lab2 w/o doing it. omitted lab3. are doing lab4 and lab5 this week.</p>

<p>Nope, weve just done lab 1 and 2 and also this liver lab.
Were startin chp 6 monday......i feel kind of good that we've done 10 chps....but breezed through 52-55 so that really doesn't count</p>

<p>We did 50-55 & are on chapter 7 now</p>

<p>My class is using the sixth edition. We only skipped chapter eleven, and we are now on chapter fifteen (The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance).</p>

<p>I think we're doing ecology over winter break</p>