AP Book suggestions

<p>Yeah, I know there are a million threads like this, but that consolidated book suggestion list is confusing.
So, from firsthand knowledge, what are the best study books for:
AP Chem (have a 2004 edition of cliffnotes..is that enough?)
AP Calc AB (have a 2004 PR edition for calc AB and BC already. is that enough?)
AP Lang
AP Spanish
AP Human (self-study; already have Barrons '08. do you suggest any textbooks...i'd rather not, but is it necessary?)</p>

<p>I'd especially like advice for AP Spanish and AP Human. I'm a non-native Spanish speaker, but I pick up Spanish pretty well. However, I want to start learning over the summer because Im skipping a year of Spanish, and I want to be caught up to the seniors in my class.</p>

<p>Cliffs for Chem? PR for Chem</p>

<p>Cliffs for Lang, PR for Calc is fine</p>

<p>Look, I took AP Human Geo this year and it was my first AP. (Im a freshman) The exam is good, and Barrons MIGHT get you a 5. But if you want a 5 for SURE go with PR. I personally used Barrons and itas good as most people say, trust me. Good Luck!</p>