AP Calc BC vs AP Stat [senior math]

<p>This past year (my junior year) I took AP Calculus AB.
Next year, my senior year, I'm debating between AP Calc BC and AP Stat.</p>

<p>Normally, I know that BC is the 'better' course to take.
However, I already took AB and I don't know how it looks to take AB then BC, when many students just take BC.</p>

<p>Also, BC will be an online course that I'll take through a different school, while I would have an AP Stat class at my current school.</p>

<p>Any thoughts on which one I should enroll in?
This is looking both to total class experience, as well as college admissions.</p>


<p>BC is generally better regarded than Stats. What are you planning on majoring in? Why not take Stats in school and take BC online as well? Learning math through an online course often involves reading and teaching yourself as opposed to lecturing - can you do well in that environment?</p>

<p>I'm planning on majoring in Biology, so not as math-heavy as an Engineering major would have to be.</p>

<p>I'm already taking AP Physics online in addition to another AP course, so I'm not going to take both and ruin any fun/social life that I might have my senior year.</p>

<p>In terms of learning through an online course, that's how I took Geometry and it was fine, although not ideal. However, I have a really good advising teacher this time (my teacher for AB) who has said that he will be more than happy to help me with any problems that I may have with the material.</p>

<p>Take BC; it is looked much more favorably upon than Stat. There aren't too many additional topics to BC, so you already know most of it having taken AB. You will be best prepared for BC because you already have taken Calculus. Stat isn't necessarily difficult, it is just a bunch of new stuff that you would have to learn without having seen much of it before.</p>

<p>If I already took Calculus AB, but most likely did poorly on the AP Exam (how embarrassing :( ) and got a B both semesters, should I take BC? I know a lot of people do take it anyway, but I don't really want to risk another B. I'm taking 4 other AP classes, and I initially signed up for no math at all, and then signed up for Statistics, making that 5 AP classes. If I'm going to major in Philosophy/Literature/History, does it really matter if I take Statistics vs. BC?</p>

<p>^If that is your major, just forget about Calculus. You don't need it, especially if you're already taking Stat.</p>

<p>If you already have done Calc AB, I think you should just do Stats. Its not like your gunna major in Engineering or something where BC would benefit over Stats</p>

<p>I'd do both if I were you</p>

<p>^I took both of them my senior year. It worked out well.</p>