AP Calculus AB&BC

If someone already took AP Calculus BC and got a 5 on it. Should him take AP Calculus AB also? Just to have more number of AP exam and to impress the college.

Google “difference calculus ab bc” and you have your answer.

@to2020 that doesnt answer my question though

The kid already has an AB score from the BC exam. Taking a stand alone AB exam * after the BC exam * would be foolish. Instead of impressing college admissions, it would likely do the opposite.

Plus there is always the risk of getting a lower score on the lower exam

Agreed. The BC exam has an AB subscore. Taking the AB exam later is just a waste of time and money.

IMO, there is no college in the country that will be “impressed” by an additional AP exam. College admissions is not an area where the one with the most AP’s wins.

AB is a subset of BC, so taking AB after getting a 5 on BC is completely pointless (or worse, it may look like a poor attempt at AP-score-grubbing).

No, there’s no point taking AB if you got a 5 on BC. You should’ve gotten an AB subscore, which should also be a 5. If you’ve taken BC and done well, it is assumed that you have also mastered the AB content.

No there is no point then. You should take Multivariate calc next then differential equations.

No. You get a sub score. I recommend taking AP Stats if you haven’t, or do Linear Algebra or Multivariable Calc (most likely need to do online).

As a reference point: college’s aren’t impressed with an 'AP junkie ’ a kid who applied the 'everything but the kitchen sink ’ approach to selecting AP’s.
You need to have a TOTAL of 6-8, carefully selected in relation to your interests, and you’re okay.

No you should not.