AP Calculus AB

What do I need to know for AP Calculus AB. I have completed Pre-calc with proficiency, but I do not know what overall topics I need to know for AP- Calc.

From CollegeBoard’s AP Calculus Course description (downloaded PDF file), page 6:

“Before studying calculus, all students should complete four years of secondary
mathematics designed for college-bound students: courses in which they study
algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and elementary functions. These
functions include linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric,
inverse trigonometric, and piecewise-defined functions. In particular, before studying
calculus, students must be familiar with the properties of functions, the algebra of
functions, and the graphs of functions. Students must also understand the language
of functions (domain and range, odd and even, periodic, symmetry, zeros, intercepts,
and so on) and know the values of the trigonometric functions…and their multiples.”

^what TheSlacker16 said. Basically, if you are familiar with pre-calculus topics (especially basic trig!) you should be fine for AB.

Could you guys give me some of the hardest problems I would need to know how to solve as an example?

Click on any FRQ hyperlink [url=<a href=“http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/members/exam/exam_information/1997.html%5Dhere.%5B/url”>http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/members/exam/exam_information/1997.html]here.[/url]

Note that I am not actually asking for help on the AP exam, I am simply asking what I need to know before I begin
AP Calculus

This is a pretest for a rigorous calculus course online. If you can do these, then you are for sure ready for AP Calculus.

I agree with the AoPS calculus pretest. The questions aren’t overly challenging, but still serve as a good pretest.

That’s all you need to know? They seem like they are quite simple.

@AlphaDragon That’s all you need to know? They seem like they are quite simple.

@MegaPilot Did you try all of them? If you did(the Trigonometry problems especially) and you know the following key precalculus topics:
Unit circle
Law of sines/cosines
Pythagorean identities

Then you should be ready. If you want more extensive practice:
https://www.ixl.com/math/precalculus (this covers a little more than what’s needed though).

Also, keep in mind that since it’s Calculus AB, you’ll have a lot of time to cover the material over the year. Because of that, the class should begin with a good review of precalculus. So, it may not be necessary to be 100% prepared. If you did well in your school’s precalculus class, that should be ample preparation for AP Calc AB.