AP Calculus and placement testing?

If I got a 4 on the AP Calculus AB exam, which gives me credit for Math 221, do I still need to take the Math placement test? I’ve seen mixed answers on here. I also already got a 630 on the English placement test when I took it last year for a dual enrollment course through my high school, which exempts me from Comm A, so I shouldn’t have to take that test. I called the office today and told them my situation but they insisted I have to take both placement tests, even the English, which doesn’t seem right to me. My placement test is scheduled for this weekend and I wouldn’t be so apprehensive about it if it wasn’t an hour drive away.

Remember the placement test tests PREcalculus math. Aside from the time taken for these it should be no big deal to for you to take them.

On your student portal, can you see the score for that English placement test? If so, you really shouldn’t have to take it again. They tell everyone to take both tests no matter what without any regard to circumstances. But if the test is on file, you should really not need to repeat it. However, I have no say in the matter, so it doesn’t matter what I think. You have to get someone in admissions to OK it. And it’s too late now if the test is tomorrow.

Unfortunately they do seem to want students to take the math placement test even when they have AP Calc credit. Many students fall into that category so you have lots of company. It is odd, since even if you score low on the math placement, your AP score overrides it. The test has no practical effect that I can see. I wonder if students who don’t score well on the math placement test are counseled to consider retaking the calc instead of accepting the credits.

To get straight to your answer: yes you still need to take it. It is absolutely required by every incoming student even if you are exempt from the classes through AP testing. The advisors still use those scores to help with picking classes during SOAR. They also use your math placement score to determine if you can take chemistry.

Btw honestly an hour drive isn’t that bad.

I did end up testing on Sunday, and I took Math, English, and Spanish. I figured it wasn’t worth the risk when it seemed clear from your answers (I did read them, just didn’t have time to reply) and from my call that I was going to have to take it. It was super easy and I had 20+ minutes to spare after each test which was nice.

English was 650, previous score was a 630, I’m assuming my fault both times was the reading section since I had a 36 on ACT English. Doesn’t matter anyway. Math I got 760 MBSC/800 ALG/770 TRG… so I placed into 221 regardless. I placed into Spanish 204 which is nice. I hoped to place into the highest one for the chance to get 16 retro credits but 12 is fine too. I probably should’ve brushed up on my skills.

@wis75 I wasn’t worried about the test itself, I just hate waking up that early and then having to drive for an hour. It wasn’t that bad though (thank god for cruise control).

@celesteroberts Yeah, on my Placement Testing page it’s listed that I took the English exam last year, got a 630 on it, and am exempt from Comm A. As far as Math, I suppose scoring low on the placement test could be a reason behind it, just seems like a waste of resources when Math skills aren’t really something you forget (in my opinion).

@lnsu22 I didn’t know that about Chemistry, do you have any more information on that? I’m going to be a Psych major planning on med school so I’ll probably be taking a bit of Chemistry.

Did you take AP Chem?

The SOAR advisors should let you know if you can take Chem 109 (there is also Chem 109 Honors) instead of Chem 103 and Chem 104.

Are you taking Psych 202?

@Madison85 At my school we only had AP Calculus AB (4) and AP Psychology (5), unfortunately. I did take normal Chemistry, Organic, and Inorganic, but I don’t have any AP score to prove my knowledge, unless grades count. And yeah, definitely taking Psych 202 since I got a 5 on the AP.


You tested out of Psych 202 with an AP Psych score of 5.

But if you do take Psych 202, I recommend Professor Henriques.

@Madison85 Oh, I thought that meant that’s the class I place into. In that case I guess I’ll figure it out at orientation because I wouldn’t want to waste taking 202 if it’s stuff I already know.

@Jamesesesess You just needed a certain Algebra score to qualify which you did. Chem 103 is general chemistry and it continues with Chem 104, each one semester. Chem 109 is packed into one semester but I heard it’s really challenging. If you feel really confident about where you are with chemistry you should take Chem 109.

Chem 109 has a higher % of A grades than Chem 103. (UW Grade Distribution Report)

But it is both semesters packed into one and admission is selective based on math ACT score (at least 30, I think) and likely other factors.

@lnsu22 @Madison85 I have a 35 on both Math and English so I assume that’ll be fine. I don’t think I’d have too much trouble with an accelerated Chemistry course; my high school used block scheduling so my Chemistry classes were quite fast paced but I managed fine. The only thing that worries me is that, while researching more on 109 last night, I read that some medical schools don’t consider 109 as fulfilling the General Chemistry requirement since it’s only one semester, and I’m planning on medical school. What other General Chemistry courses are even available? I see there’s 115 and 116 but it says those are for students majoring in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. That kind of makes it sound like doing 103 and 104 is the better/only option but I don’t know.

UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health accepts Chem 109.

You could look at several med schools that interest you and see what the pre-requisites are. Or the person who said that Chem 109 isn’t counted as two semesters by some medical schools could provide a list of at least one school to prove his point.

She! And I don’t really wanna look into it lol, you can do that yourself. Ask the advisor at SOAR or ask around if you know people who took Chem 109 before.