AP Calculus BC Junior Year...

So I’m currently a Junior in HS, and I’m in AP Calc BC. The AP exam is coming up, and right now I’m not doing great in the class. I took some practice tests and all in of them I scored just a 2 or a 1, but my overall grade in the class is a B… So should I take the AP exam? Since I’m a Junior, If I don’t take the exam this year, I can still take it my senior year, but will that look bad on my college application? Will colleges turn me down because I took the class and not the exam?

Colleges in the US don’t really care about AP tests if I recall correctly

However, if you are getting a B in the course but a 1 or 2 on the test, take that as a warning that your high school’s math instruction may be lacking, so that you may find college math to be more difficult than you expect.

You may want to take the real test just to see whether you should be concerned about that, or if you are fine but the practice tests were just harder than the real one.