AP Calculus BC

I’m taking AP Calculus BC over the 2015-2016 school year. I’m pretty decent at math and I can self-teach myself pretty well. My question is, is it beneficial to study AP Calculus AB over the summer (I need to have some basis before going in the class) and if so, what are the best books/guides to do this with. Thank you.

Just go with the flow and learn during the school year. AB is not bad.

I heard that BC and AB are pretty similar, esp. at the beginning of the year. BC just moves faster than AB. So it’ll probably be some of the same material. I’m taking BC this year too :slight_smile:

I’m also taking BC. AB isn’t necessarily a basis, it’s just one semester of BC covered over the whole year. BC accounts for two semesters of college credit should you get a good score on the AP test, and even then, should you get a certain percentage of AB material correct that’s on the BC test you can get, if not 2, 1 semester of college credit. Youll be fine if you can pace yourself through the work.