AP Calculus BC

<p>I have taken Honors Pre-Calculus over the summer and made a yearly average of 97 and above. I am a very good math student and have made A+ in math ever since Kindergarten and I was wondering if I am a type of student that should take AP Calculus BC. Can you also describe the course, too? Thanks for your responses!</p>

<p>Anyone who's not retarded should take Calc BC.</p>

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<p>Yes. </p>

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<p>Why not take it if you like math?
I think describing a high school class is not easy, since it depends so much on your teacher. Get a great teacher, you'll love it.</p>

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<p>I got A+ in Kindergarten math too.</p>

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<p>Why would I? I got an A+ in kindergarten math :)</p>

<p>Maybe, since you took pre-calculus over the summer and if you have doubts about it take Calc AB, Its definitely much easier than BC. Then you can take BC. But if you think you can handle this your plan seems like a nice challenge.</p>