AP Calculus or AP Statistics?

<p>Hi, I'm planning to apply to more selective schools (Wakeforest, Williams, possibly Ivy League) in a general Biology major. I was wondering which course would be better for me to take: AP Calculus or AP Statistics. I have already taken Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus. I have heard that Calculus is better for Science/Math majors, but I'm also taking into account a couple of other factors (teachers, difficulty).</p>

<p>Which course looks better to colleges? Which one prepares me better for my career choice? Which one gives me more useful college credits? And by how much? (If AP Calculus isn't better than AP Statistics by a rather large margin, I'm leaning towards Statistics because I think the Statistics teacher can prepare me more for the AP test) (Statistics teacher better than Calc Teacher)</p>

<p>Calc hands down</p>

<p>Can you take both? I recommended both, STRONGLY.</p>

<p>But if not take AP Calculus. It's more rigorous than Statistics, so looks better on paper since that's what you want. Also Statistics ,I think , is better learned at a University.</p>

<p>Both > Calculus > Statistics =)</p>

<p>AP Statistics is frowned upon by most colleges in comparison to AP Calculus. AP Stat is considered too elementary for college level statistics normally. If you take Calculus in HS and pass, you'll fulfill the bio degree requirement for it (or part of it) or atleast have exposure to the material before the college level class.</p>

absolutely agree with post 2, and disagree with post 3 ... one math course is enough</p>

<p>^^^No question here.</p>

<p>Take both! You can prob. handle it...AP Stats is considered the 'easiest math class' in our school. Unless, of course, you have schedule issues</p>

<p>fogcity , why do you disagree with me?
Are you saying taking both will harm him?</p>

<p>I took stats last year and am taking calc bc this year. so if you're looking for something a little less difficult go with stats</p>

<p>Agreeing wih fogcity: one AP math course is enough for most students. I'd say that AP Calc will look stronger in the college application process and doing well on the AP test may either get you out of the math requirement for a biology major or may reduce it by a semester.</p>

<p>AP Stats is a good course, but it's a non-calculus based stats course that will often NOT count towards major requirements in math and science.</p>

<p>For most students one is enough but it would be good to take both. Even if it doesn't count toward major requirements as robinsuesanders said I think everyone should have some exposure to statistics.</p>

<p>Top colleges absolutely want to see calc.</p>

<p>In my honest opinion take calc because it is much more interesting.</p>

<p>Calc is a better bet since it will translate more to a college course. At my school, AP stats is not accepted for credit since AP stats only literally covers the first 6 or 7 lectures of our stats class.</p>

<p>Also, a good foundation in calc is required for a lot of classes, even the intro level classes, but stats usually doesn't come into play as much until the mid to upper level classes. Of course depending on what field you are going into YMMV.</p>

<p>Calc imo .</p>

<p>To quote my stats teacher: "AP Stats is a fake math class"
Why? Because you can do everything on a calculator for the exam. Plus calculus is considered the extension to your current track, while stats is an unrelated offshoot.</p>

<p>i say both as well.</p>

<p>my friend did stats as a senior then went to take her placement test as a freshman in college. She forgot a bunch of precalc/calc she learned junior year and since she had a "gap year," it was tough to remember a lot of the stuff she had to know for the placement test.</p>

<p>i say both but if not, go with calc.
however i heard ap stats doesn't quite match up to what the level colleges teach at.</p>