AP Chem has a 5, should I take SAT II Chem?

<p>Hi folks. I have a ap chem score of 5. and I'm early decision-ing to Washington U in St Louis. Chance.. EH If I bring up my ACT it'd be much higher... workin' on it.</p>

<p>That school does not require SAT II but when I interviewed with an academic director, she suggested me to send everything that can make my profile "pretty". She said they'll look at CommonApp and they'll consider AP Scores and such. Due to my foreign background (14 yrs old to US, now senior, 18 yrs old), My SAT and ACT are no match to others, my first ACT =27, 22/34/24/27. SAT is 470/710/560. but Now Idk should I pay for the SAT Chem or not because.. UM it's a more accurate score and I don't know if they'll just repeat the evaluation in the Chem fields? Which is going to say strong but... same. I'm taking Math II for sure but not sure for chem. Too embarrassed to send email to that wustl personnel. so any ideas anybody? I hope I can find some admissions ppl around and give me some good choices. Thanks a bunch folks.</p>

<p>Improving your SAT/ACT is more important.</p>

<p>470/710/560 has a huge margin for improvement. Screw the Chemistry and focus on SAT.</p>