AP Chem Help: Redox =(

<p>I- (aq) + ClO- (aq) --> I3- (aq) + Cl- (Aq)</p>

<li>the 3 in I3 is a subscript</li>

<p>the answer is 2H+ + 3I- + ClO- --> I3- + Cl- + H20</p>

<p>but I had a 3e- on the reactant side and I don't understand why there ISN'T a 3e- . something is probably wrong with my oxidation numbers but I'm not sure what it is..</p>

<p>the electrons should cancel out in the answer. Multiply the reduction and oxidation formulas by constants so their electron counts are equal</p>


<p>(Cl3-+ 3e)2 = 6 electrons
(H- + 6e) 1= 6 electrons</p>

<p>reread the textbook, you'll get it.</p>