AP Chem or Band


I’m in a dilemma now: whether to choose AP Chem or Band.

Reasons to pick AP Chem:

  • GPA weightage
  • I am still in the orchestra so its not like I’ll miss out on music
  • related to the field I plan on pursuing
  • depending on school policy may be the only AP Science available at my school

Reasons to pick Band:

  • high school passion
  • it’s the only activity I’ve been committed to for all four years of high school
  • I get special recognition for being in band for all four years
  • teacher is better

So I’m kinda 50-50. Should I drop band for AP Chem?

What does the rest of your schedule look like and what other science courses have you taken?

My D had to drop orchestra as a junior because of a scheduling conflict with her math class. There was no way around it. It wasn’t ideal but she continued her instrument in other ways.

While your school probably can’t tell you anything yet, band classes everywhere could look a lot different in the fall. A “wait and see” approach to this question may be in order. I agree that an answer will also depend on how many and which science classes you will have taken by the end of senior year, the rigor of your schedule overall, etc.

So far I’ve taken Honors Bio and Honors Chem, AP Physics 1 and AP Environmental Science (exam is today!!!)…
next year my plan was to do physics C and AP Chemistry but Physics C is on the verge of cancellation due to low enrollment. I’ll probably stick with Orchestra as I know that class conflicts with nothing… so I’m leaning slightly towards Chem at this point.

I know the “award” for participating in a fine art may seem appealing, but it is honestly worthless. I would go for Chem. I was in choir all four years and theatre for all that my school offered and all I got was a piece of paper almost as worthless as the diploma will be.

Yeah I know. I just have an emotional attachment and am worried about the sax section I will leave behind.

Probably going to go with AP Chem. I was tired of the toxicity of some of the band atmosphere anyways so this would be a nice break. Also will give me more time on viola practice.

Never mind! I got my schedule that counselors rearranged (due to distance learning) and I have no conflicts.