AP chem scale

<p>Does anyone know the scale for ap chem? More specifically, the conversion from raw score to scaled score?</p>


<p>I'm not sure about the exact scale, but I've read that most people who score over 50/75 on the MC get 5's (I think it was 80%. The rest got 4's, probably messed up on FR.) I imagine you have to do well on the Free Response, but since the curve is nice, "doing well" means scoring above the mean, and the mean score for most of the FR questions is 3/8(9?) and 5/15 for the fill-in reactions.</p>

<p>Usually around 60-70% raw score to get a 5.</p>

<p>My AP Chem teacher kept repeating (like over and over again) that a 60% overall is a 5... So I'm gonna go with that. It's a very good curve.</p>