AP Chemistry or AP Physics 1

Hello! I am having a dilemma choosing a science course for next year and it would really mean a lot if I could get your input. I am going to take IB HL Biology next year but I have room in my schedule for another class. I took AP Biology before so the whole class will just be a review… That’s why I am willing to challenge myself. But I am torn between taking AP Chemistry or AP Physics 1. Let me tell you some background information…

  1. I took regular chemistry my freshman year but I have no background for physics.
  2. The AP Chemistry teacher in my school SUCKS. He is infamous for his bad teaching... He is known to merely play videos and assign readings. He never lectures about the lessons and he always dodges questions because he doesn't understand the content himself. But the AP Physics 1 teacher at my school is really good and is praised by many students.
  3. I have more interest in Chemistry because I would like to go on the pre-med track in college.

Which one would you recommend? Which class was more manageable and understandable to you? FYI I would really just like a good grade and have an A…

I think it’s also important to take into account… Do you think colleges care more about variety or direct interest? I took chemistry in the past but I’ve never taken physics. Chemistry aligns more with what I want to do but physics is also critical but I’ve never taken it. Opinions?

Instead of taking IB biology that you say will just be a repeat of AP biology that you took, why not take IB chemistry for your IB science and add physics (regular, AP, or IB)?

You do want to have some kind of physics in high school before taking physics in college as a pre-med.

Well… IB Higher Level classes are a two year course. You take IB HL English year 1 and then IB HL English year 2 the next year. Same goes for IB HL Biology. I took year 1 and now I have to do year 2. I will not do well if I do IB HL Chemistry year 2 with barely any chemistry background…

It is good to have a year each of biology, chemistry and physics. If physics is what is missing from your transcript, take that.